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Ofgem Market-Wide Half Hourly Settlement

IMServ Europe Ltd

Scorpio Rockingham Drive,

Linford Wood

Milton Keynes

MK14 6LY


27th November 2017

George Huang
Senior Policy Manager Energy Systems
9 Millbank

Dear George,

Ofgem Market-Wide Half Hourly Settlement – Membership of the Design Working Group (DWG) and Design Advisory Board (DAB)

We are disappointed by your e mail dated 14th December 2017 in response to the request for anexplanation of Ofgem’s rationale and decision-making process behind the appointment of members to the DWG and DAB.

First our letter was dated 27th November, so your response which took 14 working days, appears to lack the urgency we see as necessary in these matters. Secondly, delaying any meaningful response on your part until 2018 seems unnecessary, and could be seen as simply a means of avoiding any genuine consideration of the issues we are raising.

The DWG and the DAB have both been active over the period since 27th November, and will be well progressed by the time you provide a substantive response to our concerns. During this time we believe both working groups will continue to suffer from a lack of key industry expertise as per our initial letter.

The continued exclusion of our expertise from both groups, and the proposed delay to meaningful engagement on the issues we have raised could mean that the groups are progressing in an imbalanced way towards an imbalanced outcome.

I would welcome your urgent response to the concerns expressed within this letter, by providing a clear statement of the logic behind appointing the members of the DWG and DAB so that we can better understand the choices.

The knowledge and expertise referred to in our previous letter remains ready and willing to help. We would greatly appreciate your response to this letter by 5th January 2018.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Brown

Managing Director IMServ Europe Ltd

On behalf of;

Andy Bray, Head of Plan, Siemens Metering Services
Chris Mawer, Business Development Director, SMS plc
Dave Sing, Chief Operator Officer, Energy Assets
Joel Stark, Managing Director, Stark Software International

Roger Sparks, Smart Metering Manager, WPD Smart Metering

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